Happy Little 4 Miler*

You guys remember Bob Ross, right? The Joy of Painting guy? Come on, I know you do.

Today's run was like a Bob Ross painting. Well, kind of.

Okay, it wasn't anything like a Bob Ross painting. But it sure felt good.

Slated for a 4 mile "long" run, I went down to the Marina and hit Crissy Field. It was another unseasonably beautiful day.

I did miss yesterday's 2 miler and the mixed drills I've planned, but oh well. On the one hand, it's not exactly in line with my "discipline" theme, but on the other it's good for my health as I ease into this. Hopefully it'll go a long way in helping avoid injury.

4 miles is not really a long run, but it's the longest I've done in a little bit.

Judging by my Nike+ stats, weightlifting has been a good method of tacking on some speed. Squats and deadlifts 2x a week and your pegs are able to propel you faster. isNice. Me gusto.

I've adjusted the Calendar a bit. I'm concerned about jumping right into 20 mile weeks, so I've pushed everything back a month and will continue to ease into things.

Not a lot of coherent things to say today, so I'll stop blathering now. Have a great week!

*Post title inspired by Bob Ross. RIP Bob, and all your happy little squirrels.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

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