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I PR'd at the 2009 Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half by 27 minutes! You can read my race post-mortem at if you're curious.

Hella Sound now offers Gift Certificates! Priced at $5, $10 and $15, they're perfect stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts for your running buddies. Print 'em out, or let us email them directly with a note from you. Sweet, huh?

On the Las Vegas RnR tip, here's some thoughts on how I did 27 minutes better than previous outings, and things I learned:

1. A good running playlist is a good thing. If you're curious, here's what I ran to:
· Hella Sound What Are You Made Of?!? [165BPM]—my go-to running song these days
· Hella Sound As You Wish [165BPM]—transitions nicely from "What Are You Made Of?!?"
· Hella Sound How To Turn Around A Bad Day [165BPM]
· One Day As A Lion Wild International—great live drum sound, great aggro vocals; really gets me going.
· Eve & Fatboy Slim Cowboy—the lyrics are SOOOOOO crass, but the rhythm is fantastic. I love Eve. She nasty.
· Hella Sound What Are You Made Of?!? [165BPM]—finished up strong

2. Gu Chomps are cheating. They're so kick ass, and so easy to use, that it's almost too easy. I brought 2 baggies and started chomping them every so often from mile 3 to mile 11. I never once ran short on energy, never once bonked, and also never once got that gaggy "ugh I just ate a Gu" feeling. I hit every water station on the course (just drinking water, no Cytomax) and it went fantastically.

4. Losing weight helps. At racetime I was down about 20lbs from two months ago, and I believe it's really helped. Another 40 or so to go...

5. Garmin. This was my first race with a Garmin; and while I've run with the Nike+ before, I rarely had it calibrated properly to be accurate. I was shooting for 2:30:00, which turns out to about 11:20 miles, and with the Garmin, I was able to stay at pace easily.

6. In general, I think I've just become a better runner.

Be safe, have fun, and don't be a stranger!