Road Test: Song #1

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Before Thanksgiving I finished arrangement of the first Hella Sound running song. Today was the day I took it out for a final test run.

Friends, it felt mighty good.

I'll probably elaborate more on it more when I release it on the web site, but there are really four main sections; it begins pretty wound up and charged, cruises into a dark segment, releases into a melodic, airier section, then resolves in something I can only describe as fun.

I was juiced by the time I got to the last segment. It was the last piece I recorded, and it was the first time I ran to it. You're never really sure until you take a song out for a road test, and man it felt really good.

Can't. Wait. To share.

I'll be re-recording some of the guitar and bass, performances, finessing the percussion and drums, then it's mixing, mastering and getting it up for the world to hear. Very exciting times these is.

As you can tell by my lack of recent posts, I've been slacking on the running front. No valid reason—just excuses (which I won't bother you with). Since I had over a whole week of laziness, my pace was a little slower today than it's been.

I'm also going to have to adjust the calendar a bit—nix the days I didn't workout, maybe move everything back a few weeks (again). I may just jump into the plan where I left off. We'll see.

Hey, seriously: thanks for reading! Y'all are the bestest.