Beautiful Day, Great Run

Man oh man what a great run. The schedule said today was my second recovery run—a 3 miler. My shins were a little tweaky after yesterday's short trot on concrete, so I hit Kezar Stadium's all-weather track.

What a beautiful day. It's about 73 degrees, sunny, light breezes. No clouds. The Blue Angels are practicing flying formations over the city (I guess there's some air show coming up), and the periodic roar of jets flying over head has been a long-time favorite sound of mine.

After my dynamic stretch warm-up, I hit the track running. Felt great, and I was cruising pretty fast. I'm not sure if it was the healthy dose of caffeine I had this morning (Peet's Major Dickason's Blend coffee), or my new-found determination, or a combo platter of all the above.

Great run. Paula Radcliffe was nice enough to tell me I ran a personal best for the mile (on my Nike+) when I finished. Thanks Paula! I bet you say that to all the guys.

Afterward I did my normal static stretches, as well as some of the dorsiflex/shin strengthening exercises I found on YouTube (below). Then it was back home to a banana, blueberry and OJ protein shake.

It's a tough life, I tells ya.

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Kitzzy said...

    What dynamic stretching do you do pre-run and for how long?

  2. @kitzzy
    I like the standing ones Alberto Salazar demonstrates here, which we used to do in Muay Thai training (warming up for kicking). We also posted a nice piece by JeeForce over at Hella Sound on active/dynamic stretches that you might want to check out.