2 Miler, Cholo Style

Today was a shorty 2 mile "recovery" run according to yon calendar. I'm not really sore after my half marathon meltdown on Sunday, and the run went easily, as expected.

I did bust out my brand new Sugoi knee-high socks, and paired them with my ├╝ber-long black running shorts. Socks go up to the knee, shorts go down past, so voila! It's the CholoRunner™ look.

All I needed was a white wife-beater undershirt and some ornate black tattoos and it would be on.

Like I said, the run was pretty uneventful. I ran over to the Presidio and back—didn't get too far in before turnaround time.

The long socks were comfy, and they breathed, but they did get a little warm. I can see people that run in cool/cold climates loving them. Me, I got a lot of goofy looks. I'm sure I looked like I was batsh*t crazy. Oh well. Wouldn't be the first time.

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  1. Picture! This post so calls out for a picture! Or perhaps a video.

    Would love to see the outfit in its full glory.