Aye, Breach Your Last to the Sun, Double Digit Run!

My longest run so far has been 8 miles. I did that several months back, when training for the San Francisco Half Marathon. As mentioned before, my half marathon goal was derailed, and I had to settle for the 5k. Since I'm running the San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon in 13 days, I've been trying to stick to a schedule.

Ahab Did at Times Give Careful Heed to the Condition of That Dead Bone Upon Which He Partly Stood

My nursing of the shin splints I've incurred have taken me a bit off track, and I've missed some long runs.

As a result, a 10+ mile run—the Double Digit—has become my White Whale.

Yesterday I went to the track to harpoon and kill this Leviathan, only to be turned away by peewee football. I've made a pact with my shins to only run on the friendly, forgiving all-weather track surface until race day. It makes it a bit of a pain in the ass to get runs in, but it sure feels good.

Today, I got back in the whaleboat and set out for the track.

'Tis Hot As Satan's Hoof

Unfortunately, it was pretty warm and very sunny out today—hardly typical San Francisco weather. It'd been a beautiful day to go the beach, but unfortunately I do not do well with heat. But I had to try. Like Lyle Lovett says, "What would you be if you didn't even try? You have to try."

I felt great on the run. Zero problems with the pegs, lungs felt great, everything felt great. But out there on the shadeless track, sun bearing down, it was just too damn hot for me. The sprinklers that were watering the infield occasionally sprayed onto the track, and I ran out of my way to get in the lanes that were being doused. God knows how clean the water was that they're using, but I didn't really care. It felt good and kept me cool-ish.

Sprinklers shut off on the first mile. By mile 3 I was stopping to sip water and pour it over my head. By mile 5 I knew my goose was cooked, and I crapped out.


On the bright side, I think I've been treating my shin splints right, so that's a plus. I feel much better.

Wednesday I shall set out again to harpoon the beast.

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