The Plan: Revised

After getting further feedback from my man Paul Stofko, I've reworked the training plan—just a titch—incorporating JeeForce and Paul's improvements.

running: speed work/hills
weights: squats, lunges, toe raises — 3 sets @5-8 reps each
running: moderate run
weights: bench, pull-ups or rows, still dips — 3 sets @5-8 reps each
running: moderate run
weights: deadlift, lunges — 3 sets @5-8 reps each
running: moderate run
weights: circuit training — 30 minutes
long run

Stoked to be lifting weights again. Deadlifts today felt really good, and I'm really looking forward to Wednesdays. Nothing makes you feel like a caveman—in a good way—quite like bench press.

Still going to follow Cool Running's Beginner Half Marathon plan for running. Lord knows we got enough hills around San Francisco for Tuesdays' workouts, and I can fartlek like you wouldn't believe.

Tomorrow's a rest day, and per JeeForce I'm going to do some basic movements I learned a while back in Muay Thai training—leg swings, shadow-boxing and stretches that we used for warm-ups. Maybe do a little basic yoga, too.

Looking forward to it.

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  1. Vanilla said...

    Am I the first commenter on your new blog? Hope so. I found you from the links post on Hella Sound. I keep putzing around on Hella Sound looking for some tunes, I'm intrigued by it. Keep up the good work.

  2. @vanilla You sure are--and I'm damned flattered! I've been a Half-Fast reader for quite some time.

    Thanks for the visit--Hella Sound music will be coming very soon!

  3. Vanilla said...

    John, I'm glad you're a reader of Half-Fast, I look forward to seeing what Hella Sound has to offer.

  4. pjw said...

    PaulWill from twitter:
    That looks like a compreshensive plan, I like the way you double up your training. That always gets to me after a while. I guess going Balls out all the time doesn't always work out!

    Any chance of a link to my blog on your blogroll?