The Equation for Failure

With the in-laws visiting, I've had to jockey around for time to get my workouts in, and the only possible time today was mid-day. It was actually summer-like outside in San Francisco (as opposed to how things are around here frequently), which meant I'd be running in a little daytime heat.

3 measly miles were on the roster, as well as deadlifts & lunges.

3 miles. 3 measly miles. Mid-day sun or no, I figured I could handle that.

The Equation for Failure

sleep deprivation
+ hangover
+ blazing sun
+ black cotton t-shirt
+ eggs benedict breakfast
= failure
Entertaining our visiting guests frequently requires you to drink too much and stay up too late, which leads to the requisite recovery breakfast.

This, however, is not the recipe for workout success.

Team those elements up with a hot afternoon, and I crapped out at the 2 mile mark. It was just too damn hot. I'm sure better, more fit runners could have handled these elements together, but I kept thinking over and over again about how hot I was. This lead to thoughts of those rave kids cooking their brains dancing on ketamine.

Add to that my lower legs feeling pretty darn sore. I'm not sure if it's a result of maybe pushing too hard recently, or the fact that I didn't wrap the pegs after the last run (which I like to do—the ol' Rest Ice Compression Elevation method). No bueno.

So, the short is I followed my great 5 miler on Wednesday with a crappy DNF today.


Oh well. Weights went well. I did 3 sets of deadlift, 5 reps each @ 60, 70 and 80lbs. Keeping it light, still, until I'm confident in the consistency of my form. Then 3 sets of backward-forward lunges (5 reps each side), 50 crunches, 12 swiss ball crunches, and a bunch of stretches.

More familial gluttony to come, I'm sure.

Photo courtesy of liberalmind1012 and icanteachyouhowtodoit on Flickr.

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