Behold! The Power of Pizza (Or "White Whale Slain")

If you read my previous post (and bless your filthy heart if you did), you know that I'd never done a run greater than 8 miles.

Babies, all that has changed.

Today I clocked my longest run to date: 12 glorious miles. And it was powered by last night's pizza binge. (Pizza, by the way, appears to be my running food. I don't know what it is, but I just have good runs the day after eating pizza.)

I'm pleased as punch about this. I had to run the first 4 miles on the asphalt outer ring surrounding Kezar Stadium's all-weather track due to a soccer game, but was able to do the rest on the track after the game ended.

It was a beautifully cool, crisp evening, and I LOVED it.

My Nike+ results are pretty damn different than what I recall. That big dip at around 9 miles (to the best of my knowledge) did not happen; my pace was even and consistent around that time. Also, there's no dip around mile 5 when I stopped to take a leak and left the clock running.

But whatever. 12 miles down, babies. I feel awesome about it.

I'm iced, wrapped, Adviled, and elevated, enjoying a nice post-run carnitas burrito.
Today was a good day.

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Amy Guth said...

    Woot! Congrats!

    I think it's so interesting what we figure out are our best fuel foods. Way awesome that yours is pizza; mine is peanut butter.

  2. A big gob of peanut butter (whether out of efficacy or convenience) tends to be part of my post-run ritual, but it doesn't seem to pack the liver-filling magic that pizza does for me.

    It's freaky. When I first started running, post-pizza days went so well, but I've always been afraid to test it for runs or races when I knew I needed the fuel. No more. I'm ordering a giant pizza the day before the San Jose R&R halfie and chowing down.