Who Likes Music???

Man oh man I've been busy! I've had my head stuck in music production since Friday, hustling to get Hella Sound's second release out the door. I finally got each MP3 rendered, QA'd and uploaded to my shopping cart at 4:30am. Yay! (Note to self: moving around 55 meg files on the internet *always* takes longer than anticipated.)

I'll be putting up a blurb on HellaSound.com about the song soon, but in a nutshell: it's a rip-your-face-off metal song that fires you up and keeps you psyched. I set out to make something blistering and heavy, and I think I got it.

Again, I say onto thee: yay!

  • Distance 6 miles
  • Location Crissy Field, SF CA
  • Shoes Asics Kayano
  • The Lowdown This was a good run. I'd been hustling all weekend (and most of Thursday and Friday) for work, so getting out for a run was something my soul was excited for.

    As a huge departure, I brought water with me. I never do this. Ever. The way I see it, races have water about every 3 miles, so I'm going to get in the habit of rehydrating every 3 miles. Makes sense, huh?

    Going long? Then go slow. I kept telling myself "easy does it" during the run, consciously slowing myself down and just focusing on cruising. Cruise cruise cruise cruise cruise. "No need to hustle, this was just a cruise"—that kind of thing. In the end, I'm surprised my time and average was what it was. I thought I was going faster than that. Good stuff.

Image courtesy Gerrysan on Flickr.

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    FOUR THIRTY!? Wow. That is almost as hard core as the track. Nice work.

  2. RoadBunner said...

    Two thumbs up!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    whooohoooo great job on getting the new track out and a good run in as well!