LOST: Motivation. Please Return to Owner. Reward.

As explained below, this was my last run. What is that, 4 days ago? Yeesh. So, I've enlisted the help of this guy to help me find my motivation again. He looks like the kind of guy that'll get the job done, provided you pay in unmarked bills and supply enough bourbon.

Watch out: he's got a knife in his boot.

Honestly, as many of y'all know that have blogs, I'm confident that I'll derive some motivation out of the simple act of whipping up this poast. It gets your head back in the game, gets you connected with your goals and your running community. Crazy how that works, but it does.

I'll run tomorrow.

  • Distance 4 miles
  • Location Crissy Field, SF CA
  • Shoes Asics Kayano
  • The Lowdown I can't say I remember much about this run, except I got it done, went home, showered, then went out and ate a bunch of Chinese food. And then drank a lot of beer. (Please see @PunkRockRunner's post on Chinese food. You'll be glad you did.)

    I hustled to get Hella Sound running music track #2 together and up, which was long hours. And then I guess I celebrated some. By the time Friday rolled around, I was pretty much done for, but got this run in anyway. By Saturday I was Melba toast. Fried.

    I haven't run since. I missed my long on Sunday and missed my Tuesday 4.5 miler.

    Which is to say: egads.

Photo courtesy Bukutgirl on Flickr.

5 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Ali said...

    Been there, done that... just poking my head through it now. Have a 5 miler on deck for today and punked out on myself this morning. Sheesh. Motivate each other?

  2. Adam said...

    I think that anyone with a handlebar mustache would provide quite a bit of motivation.

    Had a good time listening to your appearance on "banned on the run"!

  3. lifestudent said...

    I use guilt as a motivator. Unfortunatly, I dont feel much guilt.

  4. Get out the gear before you go to bed. Seeing unused, folded running clothes on the floor of the bedroom is like daggers in the heart.

  5. Anne said...

    I agree with "poppingblisters" comment fo' sho'. When you see your gear WAITING FOR YOU - you just gotta put it on and go. You just GOTTA. There's no alternative. And if you can't find it - then run those miles for me. I'd appreciate it. ;)