My Favorite Endogenous Opioid Polypeptides

The Most Important Thing

When I did my little 36th Year Wrap-Up post, I forgot one of the most important things I learned this year:
Get to know people that run at (or slower than) your speed.
Follow them on Twitter, friend 'em up at a running group, connect with them on dailymile, follow their blog.

Why? Lemme tell ya:

I really started paying a lot more attention to my running—and connecting with other runners—about a year and a half ago (or so). The first few people who I connected with and/or followed their blogs (folks like this guy and this guy and of course this guy) are interesting, inspiring, talented and funny folks. But DAYAM are they fast. Like really fast.

And I'm just not.

In reading their accomplishments, race reports and workouts, I kept thinking "man, I really suck." It wasn't until I started "following" runners that aren't super-fast, super-accomplished, etc that I realized that I don't suck—I'm just slower than these guys.

I still love getting out there, getting faster, going longer. However fast these guys run shouldn't be discouraging for me. I don't even have to come up with some sort of rationalization or whatever; the fact is: It just doesn't matter.

In addition, the more runners I met that were around my speed, the more I discovered that there are plenty of folks that are slower than us, and they still love running, still love getting out there, still love putting in the miles.

So, if I have anything of value to pass along to you at the beginning of my 37th year, it's this: find runners your speed. Your (running) world opens up as soon as you do.

Sunday's Run

Man oh man was I tired when I started this run. Exhausted, even. Three nights of not enough sleep, plus not-so-good food had me feeling mighty sapped.

I'd already missed one run last week due to my schedule (a freakishly busy one for me). I was not about to miss my "long" for the week. I'm a man on the mission, you know?

So, I put on the Asics Nimbus and hit Crissy Field. (The Kayanos were good for the last run, but I did have a wee little bit of tenderness in my left lower leg. I'm getting used to them, and I'm doing it a bit at a time.)

Kids, my ass was dragging. I'm amazed my average pace was ~10:20 (Nike+ data and all), because I really felt SLOW. In addition, it was downright warm out there—warm and sunny, no less—and it got pretty hot pretty fast. It was hot enough for me to stop mid-way and get some water at a drinking fountain, which is something I never do.

I'll admit, that little bastard the Quit Monster did surface momentarily right after mile 2, but I didn't pay him much mind.

Done and done. And once I was finished, I was chock-full of my buddies, the endogenous opioid polypeptide compounds, AKA endorphins. I love those little guys. I felt great the rest of the day.

Image courtesy law_keven on Flickr.

6 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Anonymous said...

    I agree! It helps to know people who run around your same pace - instead of always reading about how fast someone else is going and thinking how badly we suck because we're slower! <--I'm sure that's a huge run on sentence! ha!

  2. Adam said...

    I hear you. I honestly have a hard time finding blogs of people that run my pace. People either seem to be either crazy fast or just a bit slower than me.

    BTW, had to get out my dictionary for your post title :)

  3. RoadBunner said...

    I agree! Finding other runners your pace is a great thing. I am always amazed, though, at how supportive people who are way faster are to runnres like me.

    Great job finishing up that run. But... Do I detect a hint of anti-sun in this post?? You know if that luscious fog had been around that run would have been so much more bearable :)

  4. kara said...

    Heart felt post. I sometimes feel discouraged when I read about everyone else. They all run further than me - and or faster...

    So I try now to remind myself - I love running and being injury free!

  5. Amy Guth said...

    "...find runners your speed. Your (running) world opens up as soon as you do."

    That plus your mention of "that little bastard the Quit Monster" is why I just love this blog. Well done, sir.

  6. Robin said...

    I am a runner. I am slow. Just trying to stay ahead of the turtles. Would make you shine as you fly by, but I'm okay with that....

    I'm w/ Adam, though - had to dig deep & do a little vocabulary sleuthing! Well done.

    Just found your blog it already!