Good Good Good

Tonight almost felt like the perfect summer evening. If it was only, say, 10 degrees warmer. I hit Crissy Field as the sun was fixing to set and put in my 3.5 miles, road testing the next Hella Sound song. The recording phase is all done—I'm in the mixing phase, and am just about ready to release that puppy out into the wild. (It was, incidentally, great to run to.)

I took the new Asics Kayanos out for the third time. The first two times I ended up feeling pretty shin splinty, but I've been putting more miles in (building up the base). I also walked around in them a bit to get my legs/feet acclimated. I think it worked. They felt great during the run—super solid. I reckon those'll be the shoes I run the half-marathons in, and I'm glad that they're starting to feel right.

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  1. Adam said...

    10 degrees too cool!? Man, do I have some heat for you!

    Glad the shoes are starting to treat you well. I've never thought about breaking them in via walking. Good call.