Self-Reflexive Prater from a Liminal Space

Cliche to show Oscar the Grouch in a blog post (or, if I may, "poast")? Yeah, I guess. But I was grouchy today. So, you get an Oscar.

In Other News

I reckon this is a blog in transition. Why? Because it occurred to me after my run today that my normal bread-and-butter post ("poast") content is sorta boring. I can do better. I can't do a lot better, but I can do better than I normally do. Where I'll go with this I'm not quite sure, but rest assured, this pristine frond is pivoting on its x axis.

This was a medicinal run. I knew I would feel better once I did it. I caught the last of today's sunshine down at Crissy Field, doing a final test run to our new song. (I'm pleased as punch with how the song turned out, btw. It should be available this weekend.) We had a visitor in town, so I wasn't able to run since Sunday's 5 miler. It felt great to get out.

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...


    Looking forward to the direction of the blog. I too agree that Nitmos sets the bar really high (I don't follow the other two that you mention, but I bookmarked them to research tonight)

  2. Ali and Kara do really good stuff. Nitmos is on his own channel; I think about how much thought/effort must go into his posts (or "poasts", as it were) and I'm humbled. It's just replete with cleverosity.

    Ali is a very good-hearted, funny person with great insights and a nice edge to her. She's also a riot on Twitter.

    Kara... Kara has an almost zen-like quality to her blog. I almost feel more at peace reading it, no matter what she's talking about. Good stuff.

    There's a lot of cool folks out there, that's for sure.