"Long" Run #1

Beautiful day, went down to Crissy Field and put in 4 miles. This is my first "long" run, as preparation for July's 10k.

I didn't worry about speed—just basically tried to take it easy and log the miles. I ended up averaging about 10min/miles anyway, which historically is pretty good for me. So that's a plus.

I definitely, definitely have to get cracking on my active range of motion exercises for my hips. My left lower leg was a wee little bit wonky, which worries me. I want things to be smooth and happy and healthy.

One note: due to visiting friends and social opportunities, my diet hasn't been what you'd call "strict" the last few days. My weight reflects that, but I'm back on the ball. Takin' care of bidness, yo.

Total Weight: -11lbs

4 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Vince said...

    TCB baby TCB....

  2. Anonymous said...

    take care of yourself!!! nice job on the diet...low carb seems to be working well for you..keep it up!

  3. Adam said...

    Nice! 4 miles seems like a really good start to a 10k plan.

  4. Thanks y'all. I hope to ease into adding mileage with no ill effects.