Late Afternoon Run, Nonsense, Looking Towards the Future™

Having recently met up with some very cool runners that do some very cool blogs (a post on Hella Sound to come), I feel obligated to make this post more than the usual "I ran here, I did X, it was fine."

Obligated, but also inspired.

I'm not wholly sure how I'm going to do that, really.

I could include cute pictures of my cats, I guess. Those always go over well.




Or I could include a picture of someone twirling glowsticks but give absolutely no explanation for its inclusion in this post:(...although some of you may be able to divine a reason, or read your own meaning into it...)

Alas, I will do neither of those things, even though I just did both of those things.

Sorry, discussion over. That's final.

On to the "I ran here, I did X, it was fine" segment of the post:

Somehow I managed to make it all the way to 5pm without eating (whoops!). I'm a food person—an eater—so this is unusual. I reckon I may have been preoccupied, but regardless, when I went for my run it was pretty much on an empty gastank.

Nonetheless, I made a decent go of it. Not sub-30:00, but pretty damn close.

Also, as the day wore on I found myself signed up for not one (1) but two (2) races:
The Los Gatos Jungle Run 10k in mid-July
and the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in October.

You may remember that the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half beat me like I stole something from it last year. I pretty much have 4 solid months to make sure it doesn't do that to me again.

The main trick will be finding enough warm sunny days in San Francisco to prepare myself for running in San Jose. It's quite a bit warmer down there. Maybe I'll do some runs in the East Bay as prep.

So, I've been enjoying my preoccupation with the sub-30:00 5k, but I have some races on the horizon. If there were more 5ks (that didn't cost way too much for a 5k) then I'd probably be running those. Also, someone (I'm not naming any names) pretty much goaded me into doing the SJ RnR, and I never back down from a challenge. Well, except all those times I backed down from challenges.

I think a month is definitely time enough to prep for the 10k, and I think 4 months is plenty of time to get into half marathon shape. Soon I'll formalize my ease-into-it plan and post it up on this here site.


Total Weight: -12lbs

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Ali said...

    Oh hell(a)... was so NOT expecting to see glowsticks in here too! I now get to find a new keyboard since I spit oatmeal all over mine. Kick ass on the races... I know you will. :)

  2. We here at Slow Mofo always strive to bring you cutting edge glowstick information from around the globe. End transmission.

  3. Adam said...

    Mmmmmmmm, glo sticks. It must be the season to sign up for races – it seems that everyone is doing it!!!