5-ish k in About 30-ish Minutes

My battery died! I got to about the 3.5k mark and then my iPod crapped out.


Looks like I was going at a slightly-under-6min/k pace, which means I might have been able to crack the 30:00 mark.

So, I ended up finishing my out-and-back 5k distance, but I don't really know what my time was.

Que sera, sera, right?

PS: I hate this gloomy weather. HATE.

Total Weight: ~-12.5lbs. Today is all about guesswork, isn't it?

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Ali said...

    Keep running like that and you won't be a slow mofo for long! Good running! :)

  2. Adam said...

    Yeah, 30ish min is fast in my book!

  3. Adam, dude, you ran a sub-3:30:00 MARATHON! Don't you be messin' with the "that's fast in my book" stuff ;)