Nipping at Its Heels

5k in 30:05.

I'm getting getting mighty close to the sub-30:00.

It was COLD out there, son! Friggen COLD! I think I cut holes in my shirt with my diamond-hard nipples. In addition, apparently they turn the sprinklers on Crissy Field in the evening. They lazily spray their way over the running paths, casting a fine mist of delicious reclaimed water *everywhere*.

Did I mention it was cold?

30:05. I probably could have broke 30:00 if I was looking at my timer, but I was just focused on my general pacing and only wanted to see the time once I was done. I'd like to know what it feels like to do it first before I try to overtly manage my pace to achieve it, if that makes any sense.

I'm about 12 pounds lighter than when I started up a few weeks ago, which I'm certain is having a positive effect on my running. I have to rededicate myself to doing my active range of motion exercises and ab stuff, and then I think I'll be firing on all cylinders.

Very happy, y'all. :)

Total Weight: -12lbs

Foggy-ass photo courtesy -Jérôme- on Flickr.

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    Soooo close. Next time. I've only ran one 5K (but 5 marathons - how does that happen?) and it always amazes me how hard it is to get any substantial time gains in that short of a race.

    You'll get there!

  2. Thanks brother! Gettin' close. No point in rushing it tho, right? ;)