Another :30 Down, Another :30 to Go

Came within 35 seconds of my sub-30:00 5k goal. It felt good!

I think the weight loss is definitely working in my favor—it's definitely nice to have less baggage to drag along with me as I go. And I'm also getting more focused on better form (from reading the ChiRunning book) and increasing my stride rate.

The stride rate (or cadence) thing is a major underpinning of the whole Hella Sound Running Music concept, and I've found it to be an incredibly useful tool for helping me increase the speed of my turnovers.

Soon I'll roll out The Plan V, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the results I'm getting!

Total Weight: -11lbs

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  1. Michelle said...

    Here is my brilliant comment!!!


  2. Thank you!

    I still want a ton of curly hair like yours. In a few years, I'm going to settle for wanting to have any hair at all.

    Good times, good times.

  3. Adam said...

    Nice work on the run. I found that dropping a few extra lbs helped me out quite a bit. If your goal is a sub 30 min 5K, you're already quite fast!