5k Número Dos de la Semana

Until I roll out Plan V, I think I'm basically going to run every other day. Easy to remember, informal, lots of recovery time.

I also think, for a while, I'm going to be running 5k. That'l be my default until I feel I've developed a regular, consistent thing (and a bit of a base).

Today I started off the run with P.O.D.'s song "Alive". I'm becoming convinced that it's one of the best songs you can run to if you want to feel like a total badass. It's heavy, it's got balls, but it's also really pretty uplifting.

Honestly, I wish I could incorporate what's great about it into an upcoming Hella Sound song. But I fear there's no way extract that essence without having it end up being a fakey rip-off version.

So kids, do yourself a favor and buy the MP3 of that song. It's totally badass for running.

I listened to "Alive" twice—I enjoyed it so much the first time I went back for seconds—then I switched over to the 165 BPM version of How To Turn Around A Bad Day. Normally I run to the 160, but my turnover is getting a little quicker so I stepped up to the next-fastest.

It really drove me hard. I felt great, and there was no way for me to ease up or slack off my pace. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So good.

Total Weight: -9lbs

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    Every other day sounds like a great base to me!

  2. That's the plan. It's easy to remember, and gives plenty of time for rest.