A Run, in Conversation Format

Hey! What's up man?
What's up.
Same old, you know. Doing my thing.
What did you do?
I went for a run!
Yeah? How'd it go?
Oh man, it went great. I felt really solid. That's, I think, the best way to describe it. I got out, I did my thing, and everything went smooth as silk.
How far?
I set out to run 5k, but I really felt like I could do a lot more. That's a pretty good feeling.
Nice. Where did you run?
The usual Crissy Field out-and-back.
Was it...gorgeous?
Oh man. Yeah, it was beautiful out. Clear blue sky, cool, and a nice little wind. There was a good headwind heading out (and thus a nice tailwind on the way back). Windy enough to deter bikers, but not sandblast windy, like it was during the last run. That was just craziness.
How's the cold?
I think it's pretty much done. My ear is still jacked up, but I guess inner-ear infections take a while to fix. Ahhhh antibiotics... what would we do without you?
Was the low carb thing an issue?
No, I don't think so at all. I mean, I might not be as over-the-top amped as I would be if I was hopped up on sugar and Vitamin Water, but I was by no means dragging. Like I said, I felt really solid.
Good. Alright, take it easy.
You too, man.
Total Weight: -7lbs

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    Whoa, did your weight tally jump -3 lbs since your last post!? Nice work!

    (I just checked back and it did, cooool)

  2. Yeah, I'm about 10 down from where I started. But you gotta remember: this ain't no 150 lb runner guy we're talking about--I'm an eighth-ton, and that's with the shoes off. So 3's a drop in the bucket. But as long as I can keep the bucket leaking, we're on the right track.
    Thanks man!