Merch Preferences: Ladies

Hella Sound Running Music

So at some point I'm going to want to put together some fancy, stylish apparel with the Hella Sound logo emblazoned. So I ask you first, ladies, what would be good to have? Leave your feedback as a comment, por favor!

- Tight or loose?
- "Technical" fabric or cotton?
- Black or white?
- Long-sleeved, short, or tank?
- Centered, larger logo or smaller logo placed over one hoot?
- Loose-fitting or tights?
- Shorts, running shorts or pants?
- "Technical" fabric or cotton?
- Black or white?
- Logo/writing on the ass, or no?
Thanks for the feedback!

20 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Shelley said...

    - Loose
    - "Technical" fabric; NO cotton
    - White (black can get hot in the sun)
    - Short-sleeved
    - smaller logo placed over one hoot

    - Tights
    - Running shorts
    - "Technical" fabric (NO cotton)
    - Black (white is too dangerous)
    - NO logo/writing on the ass...

  2. Tops

    - Tight or loose?- either
    "Technical" fabric or cotton?- technical
    Black or white?- either
    Long-sleeved, short, or tank?- tank for summer
    Centered, larger logo or smaller logo placed over one hoot? smaller on front or back of neck area

    - Loose-fitting or tights?- tights Shorts, running shorts or pants?-shorts
    "Technical" fabric or cotton?- technical
    Black or white?-black
    Logo/writing on the ass, or no? Logo on hip area NOT ON THE ASS!!!

  3. Runnrgrrl said...

    thanks for the input.

    Top: tight, technical, black,tank #2/long slv#2, small logo on hoot or on back btwn shoulder blades

    Shorts: tights or shorts, technical,shorts#1/long pants#2, black and no ass logo (could do tiny logo along cuff of the short, outside quad)

    and so, when can i get me some mofo hella gear?

  4. Emily said...

    "Technical" fabric
    short sleeve
    smaller logo placed over one hoot

    running shorts
    Technical" fabric
    No ass logo. Maybe a thigh one.

  5. Maddy said...

    "Technical" fabric
    Black or white?- either - I prefer black, but it can and does get hot.

    Long-sleeved, short, or tank? all - if I had to pick just one, I would go with short sleeved

    Centered, larger logo and also something on the back maybe at th neck - like the website.


    Shorts, running shorts or pants? Either Shorts or a Running Skirt.

    "Technical" fabric

    Black or white?- Black.

    Logo/writing on the ass, or no?- Both options are fine. If you can only offer one choice, I would say without writing

  6. tops:
    -"fitted" but not tight a la underarmour
    -smaller logo one hoot

    -running shorts

  7. Love that you're asking for input!
    Fitted, technical for sure, white w/ logo smallish and either centered or off to a side.

    Loose-ish running shorts, black, technical definitely, and no ass writing; logo on lower front corner could work.

  8. Anonymous said...

    - Tight or loose?- middle of the road

    "Technical" fabric or cotton?- TECH always!!!

    Black or white?- White

    Long-sleeved, short, or tank?-Tank or LS if it's cold!

    Centered, larger logo or smaller logo placed over one hoot?Centered larger logo

    - Loose-fitting or tights?- loose fitting for short; tight for pants

    Shorts, running shorts or pants?- running short or capris

    "Technical" fabric or cotton?- Technical

    Black or white?- Black, white is scary for bottoms! lol

    Logo/writing on the ass, or no? YES, writing on the A$$!!!!

  9. kch said...

    -fit - medium, not baggy nor underarmour tight.
    -color - no preference
    -smaller logo

    -compression shorts
    -technical fabric
    -emphatically no writing on the ass. Smaller logo on the hip/thigh would be okay

  10. Dana said...

    - loose
    - white


    - tight
    - knee length or pants
    - cotton
    - No ass text... this degrades us all.

  11. Lybbe said...

    tech fabric-no cotton
    short sleeved
    small logo

    capri tights
    running shorts
    tech fabric
    no ass logo

    the logo is very pretty

  12. solorunner said...


    - Tight
    - "Technical" fabric NO cotton
    - Black or white both
    - Long-short
    - smaller logo placed over one hoot


    - Loose-Tights
    - Shorts, running shorts
    - "Technical" fabric
    - Black
    - Logo/writing no

  13. technical, loose, long sleeved and whie for tops
    OR techincal "tight-ER" (not tight, fitting well) short sleeve

    and for the pants short...i think writing on the bum is funny!! i like it. also: BLACK!

  14. cyberpenguin said...

    Hi John,

    Thanks for asking for our input. Of course you do realize that you're going to get a very opinionated take on running apparel if you ask a person who does professional fashion consulting! :) Just warning you before you read what's to come. :)

    - Fitted (vs. tight!) would be a better description. ;-) I dislike baggy clothes; my attitude is that if you're going to work hard enough to get your bod into shape, then you should feel good about wearing clothes that flatter it. There's no sense in hiding behind one's clothing by wearing baggy outfits, which usually only makes people look larger than they really are, anyhow!
    - "Technical" fabric please!
    - white tank if summer & black long-sleeved if winter :)
    - Centered, larger logo.

    - Loose-fitting but not baggy
    - running pants? (Hate shorts! They do hideous, unflattering things to most ladies' legs. ;-) )
    - "Technical" fabric
    - Black (Never white! Again, don't want to draw unnecessary attention to the badunkadunk. ;-) )
    - No logo/writing on the tush! There are many women are self-conscious about this area of their body & so generally don't like writing there, because it'd draw attention to this area. :) Also, the "writing on the tush" thing is a little bit too Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/"Juicy Couture" sweatsuit-ish. ;-) Most grown women like looking like grown women, not teenagers. :)

    Hope you've found these comments to be helpful. :)

    Good luck with your new apparel line!


  15. Amy Guth said...

    Awesome! I can't wait to sport some sweet HellaSound gear!

    Tight or loose?
    Tighter is better than loose, because having a ton of bunchy fabric while moving around is a friggin' drag. But, it's got to be fitted enough to not look like I'm wearing a trash bag. I still want to look chic. Final answer: fitted and shapely but not hoochified.

    "Technical" fabric or cotton?
    Tech! Though an after-sport cotton t-shirt might be a nice addition, too. But, only tech for activities.

    Black or white?
    I wear both. Black looks badass-er, but I wear more white to keep cooler and (ok, I'll admit it!) I feel like I look tanner in white and paler in black.

    Long-sleeved, short, or tank?
    I love tank tops, but buy all three and usually layer long and short-sleeved shirts all winter and fall. Long-sleeves have to not be billowy though, see comment above about bunchy fabric. And the trick it to get a shirt than is long not too wide in the trunk (narrower torso fabric versus a wider, looser cut of shirt) Because if the torso part of the shirt is too short, then by the time the shirt is long enough, the arms look like a pirate shirt or makes me feel like a friggin' bat. And that's just goofy.

    Centered, larger logo or smaller logo placed over one hoot?
    I buy both, probably more one-hoot than full-logo. I'm seeing logos lately centered on the upper back below the neck, which is cool, too.

    Loose-fitting or tights?

    Shorts, running shorts or pants?
    running shorts with a slimmer (not bunchy or balloon-y) cut

    "Technical" fabric or cotton?
    Tech fabric.

    Black or white?

    Logo/writing on the ass, or no?
    Logo on the hip or quad is really cool-looking to me, but not the ass.

    Thanks for asking!

  16. Anonymous said...
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  17. Anonymous said...

    please don't forget us plus-sized women!!!

  18. Tops
    -technical (NO cotton)
    -tank for sure (I don't like to wear sleeves)
    small logo place over one hoot

    -running shorts w/ liner for sure
    -technical (no cotton)
    -black, but would like another color
    -NOOOOO logo on the ass (it is so un-classy!!)

  19. Tops

    - Tight
    - "Technical" fabric
    - White
    - tank for summer, long sleeve for early morning/evening runs
    - smaller logo placed over one hoot, or on larger, centered on back


    - tights
    - pants
    - "Technical" fabric
    - Black
    - no ass writing or logo - maybe thigh or embroidered on the pocket

  20. Tops

    - Tight
    - "Technical" fabric
    - white
    - tank
    - smaller logo placed over one hoot


    - Loose-fitting or tights - either
    - running shorts
    - "Technical" fabric
    - Black
    - maybe...depends on how wide the band is.