Day 1: Mostly Tired with a Chance of Full

Yo kids.

So today was the much-heralded first day of my Master Plan, and it went really well. Well, with the exception of me not getting any sleep last night and spending the day in a haze.

Funny thing: when I start a new job, I tend to get all anxious and excited, and I historically have wicked insomnia the night before. Strangely, today was just like that. Also, part of the plan (as you can see by this embedded Google calendar) is waking up and getting crackin' at 7am. 7am is not early by any measure, but since I work from a home office I tend to start late and work late into the night. As a result, 7am is actually a little early for me right now.

So I had a sleepless night and started my day at 6am.

The exhaustion became overwhelming by about 6pm, so I set an alarm and passed out, planning to get up at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, I slept right through it and woke up at 10pm. Damn!

What I missed:
 1. my first day of strength training
2. 2 meals
3. the 2nd hip rehab workout
I planned on hitting the gym after my nap; it seemed like a bad idea to lift free weights on zero sleep, but now that it's past 10:30pm I think it's too late to lift.

I may just do my hip rehab exercises and some push-ups, squats, lunges and dead-lifts at home. Or I may bust out the "power yoga" DVD. The last thing I want to do is skip this.

Food-wise, I ate the Meal #4's protein (chicken breast) when I woke up, but not all the other components. Really, all day long I felt full. PLENTY of food in this plan. 2400 is no small amount of calories, and I tend to do very well eating like this. It works great for me. I just think I'm going to skip some of the planned food for today, given my wacky sleep scenario, and pick it up tomorrow.

Woulda been nice if today went like clockwork, but I think it went well regardless. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

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