Sannn Deee Ahh Maaaay Go!

I do likes me some San Diego. Luckily, @LosBee and I were down visiting some friends and enjoying the sunshine. It was as sunny as usual, a little warmer than it normally is in January, and gorgeous.

I do have a wee little bit of an issue with heat, in that I tend to have crappy runs when it's warm, and this run was no different.

But whatever, it was fun. And gorgeous out. And everything.

While @Russellnuts went to tennis class and @MapleJen and @LosBee hit the spa for a little mani-pedi, I trotted through Florida Street canyon.

It's a beautiful place near Balboa Park. The run was a wee bit crappy, but at least I put some time in.

While @Russellnuts was finishing up, I sprawled out on the bleachers at a nearby baseball diamond and caught some sun. So good, y'all. So good.

Image courtesy of Snorg Tees. Now that's a damn fine shirt.

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