4 Miles, Hills, Pain and Whatnot

Babies, my pegs are achin'.

Why do my lower legs always crap out before my quads, hammies, or the rest of my body? Is that the nature of being a clydesdale? Or am I just a jackass?

After Wednesdays near 10 miler I was hoping to put in the next few runs on the Kezar Stadium all-weather track, with its nice soft surface. That didn't work out, however, so I stuck close to the 'hood and ran to/through the Presidio.

I'm a little off the plan, since I took another crack at last Sunday's long run on Wednesday (I had to try), so today was a mash-up 4 miler/hills day. The pic is looking downhill at the base of a nice, gradual incline in the Presidio which goes for maybe 4 blocks. I ran this puppy twice, as well as other shorter hills that came up in the route.

It went okay, and I'm glad I can look at 4 miles as a "short run" these days, but my pegs are pretty sore. I still don't think I officially have shin splints, and I'm basically trying to toughen myself up physically and mentally for future runs without doing any damage. Hopefully I'm on the right track.

I did a ton of stretches at the end, and am now ice-packed and Ace-bandaged up in a recliner, hoping "recovery" is as quick and easy as this run was.

No lifting today. I reckon I'll hit the gym tomorrow.

As a side note, we did a fun little post today over at Hella Sound about Amy Güth's new fitness site, Bonkless. Check it out the interview with Amy as well as her site when you get a chance: Get the Bonk Out!.

Image courtesy of nautical2k on Flickr.

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