Finally Back In It To Win It

The last few days I've been feeling more like joining <--- my boy George here than hitting the road and the gym. But today I finally was able to get back in it and get the blood flowing.

As mentioned previously, I had fallen off track quite a bit. Today I was committed to halting my progress down the slippery slope. I've written off Saturday's run & circuit training, Sunday's long run, and Tuesday's run and weights; I've decided to consolidate the squats, lunges and deadlift into Friday's workout, and do upper body stuff today. Missing so many runs, I settled on doing 4 miles today and tomorrow, 3 on Saturday and then 6 miles on Sunday. Maybe I'll do 7, to make up for the 7 miler I missed this past Sunday.

Run went well—got a little hot at the end, but it was good. Weights was a very modest 3 sets of bench, 5 reps @ 155lbs; 3 sets of 5 reps pulldowns @ heavy weight; 3 sets of still-half-assed dips. The dips are getting better, but they're still not on the money.

I think to push myself down the road I'm going to need a partner/spotter. I always used to lift with @LosBee, and it's nice to have someone watching you when you heft a large amount of weight. With her schedule now, it'll be rough to find a time when we can both hit the gym together.

We shall see.

Anybody running the Nike+ Human Race? Hit me up—I'll be running it down in San Diego.

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. CoyoteGirl said...

    Awwww. Cute kitty!

    You have to admit, it does look like he's got life all figured out.

  2. That's my boy.

    You might be right--he's fed, petted, has more toys than he wants. I keep telling him he's gotta get a job and start contributing, but you know how kids are these days.

  3. cyberpenguin said...

    Hahahaha, I can relate to that sentiment. George is just conserving energy for later, eh?! ;-)

    (He's really adorable! Great photo.)