Getting Mentally Ready

Well kids, the San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon is in 12 days.

Am I ready?

I'm not entirely sure. Running was going great, but I have hit a few snags along the way. This last week has been an utter trip. Running and I have not gotten along the last several days. I have some theories as to why, and I can right them, but I can't take many more bad runs like the one on Monday. A day like that in San Jose will lock out any chance I have of finishing the half marathon with my head held high.

So, I'm a bit nervous.

I have had life interfere with some of my runs, and haven't lost an ounce of weight (like I planned), but hopefully I can pull it all together in these last days and get my #$@% together.

One other thing: if it's hot again in San Jose like it was last year, I'm done. I'm toast. I can rehydrate and drink as I go, but ultimately I don't think I can hang in warm, sunny, windless weather.

5 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Good luck in your HM! I've got one coming up soon, and am not at all feeling ready for it either. sigh.

  2. aron said...

    you are just getting the bad runs out of the way before race day... really! its taper time anyways right? save up that energy for next weekend!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Good luck! I think we've all had our fair share of bad runs.

  4. Zoƫ said...

    Don't be scurred! Run for the hell of it, and just finish. :)

  5. Adam said...

    I hear you. Most of the people that I know are dealing with some issue or another (myself included).

    The great thing is that it is starting to cool off (at least here in PHX) so hopefully the weather will hold!