It's Time to Play: Sick? Or Sore?

Sunday's 9 miler was awesome and I was a raving ball of happy endorphins all day, but when Monday rolled around I felt a little beat up. I hadn't run 9 miles in quite some time, and the various aches were subtle enough—and in odd enough places—that I actually felt a little flu-like.

Soreness in the quads or calves would be no surprise. But I had trouble the whole run keeping my chest and shoulders relaxed, which meant some stiffness the next day. Really, I kinda felt just a touch beat-up all over. I went to sleep (incredibly) early last night, ready to shake it off.

This morning I still felt a tiny bit achey, but was ready to hit Crissy Field for another 5 miles.

Kids, I pretty much went all-out on this monkey. Like a 4-out-of-5. I ran to What Are You Made Of?!? and part of How To Turn Around A Bad Day—both at 175BPM—and absolutely kicked ass. That's the fastest I've ever done 5 miles. Ever. I really didn't think I'd be able to bring it in under 50 minutes, but I done did it.

Again, I'm awash in endorphins and feelin' fine.

4 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    WOW! 175bpm!? Gosh, I don't know how long I could keep that up. I was listening to the Banned on the Run podcast that had you on there a while back (listened to it twice actually - those guys are a riot) and counted mine on a 10 miler and they were around 165. I can't imagine squeezing 10 more in there!

    Pain is weakness leaving the body, right?

  2. Dude, Nitmos and Razz and Vanilla are all very funny, but Amy is HILARIOUS! She really cracks me up! And her blog (The Lawsons did Dallas!) is just as funny.

    I did lose it a little at around the 4 mile mark and slacked off the 175bpm for a few minutes, but it is definitely doable. Shorter, quicker, lighter strides, man. Feels really good.

  3. Robin said...

    Sometimes, it's hard to tell which it is - sick or sore - symptoms so similar. Glad to hear it was the latter. You're pushing those limits - good for you! Oooh, Crissy Field & the Bridge... miss the scenery!

    P.S. - Need to tune in to your tunes, don't I??

    Happy running friend,

  4. Wow, a 5-miler in under 50 minutes?! I need to start considering those running tunes you have!