Running Music Road Test - Song #3 (Thrash \m/)

I bounced down the thrash song and headed out for my 5k run.
("Bouncing down" is the process in which a multi-track recording is merged into a single stereo audio file.)
("Thrash" is aggressive music made popular in the '80s by bands like Metallica—that is, before Metallica started sucking. Badly. The distinct characteristic to the genre is that it makes you want to punch people in the face. And run aggressively.)
("5k" is a metric distance. Why the US never adopted the metric system, I'll never know, but until we do I'll continue to buy my milk by the gallon, my gas by the rundlet and my beer by the hogshead. Stupid British measurement system...)

When I lay out and record an arrangement, I work at 160 BPM. When it's done and thoroughly road tested I go back and re-record everything at the different cadences. 160 BPM is now slower than my 5k running cadence; as such, I didn't come close to 30:00 today, but that's cool: it was a good run and a good road test. There's DEFINITELY some parts to this song that get you really amped up and you fly. There's one part, though, that I thought for sure would be great, but really doesn't work well for running. I'll have to hack it out and rework the piece.

But man, I like it.

In continuing with my warm weather prep, I ran with a dark long-sleeve shirt on and a black shirt over it. The sun was bright—it was a gorgeous day out in San Francisco today—but the breeze was still somewhat cool. Perfect running weather, really. But Los Gatos and San Jose will not be as cool or as kind, so I keep preparing for the worst.

Total Weight: -15lbs

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Odd. I usually stop drinking beer when I start see hogsheads. Or pinkelephantsheads.

    Of course, I'd have to drink like a whole firkin of beer by myself before that'd happen. And the Hobbits don't like it when you steal their beer firkins, the hairy-footed little muhfuhs! So I rarely drink a firkinful.

    Still. Those Hobbits make great beer.

    And their crystal meth?


  2. RoadBunner said...

    I am not much of a Metallica fan....But AM a Hella Sound fan :)

    Today the weather was very similar. Sunny but a cool breeze to keep it from getting too terrible. I am REALLY hoping for some COOL PR weather in San Jose.