Running Music Road Test #1 - Song #2

I got an early draft of Hella Sound's next running music release from the wonderful composer that's working on it, so it was time to take it out for its first road test.

Ooooooh babies. We're on to something good here. It's groove-a-licious. I can't wait to share it with you all.

The version I was sent was at 160BPM—a notch down from the 165BPM I've been running with. So, as you'd predict, my overall time today for 5k was slower—stride rate/cadence is key component of speed. But I thoroughly enjoyed the run. All things considered, it's probably a good idea to have a mix of run workouts: pace-pushers, cruisers, and long-slow runs. Today was a cruiser.

Feeling good, feeling on top of things, feeling on track. No issues to speak of in how things are going. I do believe, however, that I'll have to invest some effort into the following:
  • My ARoM hip exercises (which I've been neglecting)
  • Getting better sleep
All in good time.

In unrelated news: check out the new Hella Sound home page. I love that photo. Found it on Flickr, loved it, contacted the photographer, and he was super cool and enthusiastic about us using it on the site. How cool is that? We live in wonderful times.

Total Weight: -15.5lbs

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