The Run-Up to "The Plan V"

If you've been following this blog for a while (and I know you have), I've been trying—rather unsuccessfully, I'll admit—to devise and stick to a training plan.

First there was The Plan.
This was followed by a little revision to The Plan.
Eventually, Plan III came in to being, and that was good for a while, but I strayed occasionally and didn't follow it to the letter.
That's when Plan IV: It's Get Busy Time emerged.

Probably the strictest, Plan IV was also the most short-lived (not a huge surprise there). There were some good, long-lasting things that came out of it, but I have not followed it to the letter either.

This brings us to the nascent The Plan V. I'm still chewing on this one a bit, but I'm hoping it'll be solid enough and doable enough that it'll bear fruit. Granted, not the kind of fruit that Nitmos has discussed, but something like that.

What I Have Planned Is As Follows

Atkins Induction 3 Weeks
Low Glycemic Index 6 Months (progressive)

Starting Schedule
S M T W Th F S
5k X/S 5k X/S 5k X/S 5k
Read ChiRunning
Choose Races (Racevine or
Strength {3x weekly}
Hips & Abs {daily}
Hips {3 sets of 20 reps}
AROM Lumbar Bridging (Bilateral)
AROM Hip Extension/Rotation
AROM Hip Abductor (Unilateral)
Isometric Trans Abdominis
Standing Bilateral Hip Stretch
Plan from the book
Crosstrain {1 hour 3x weekly}
The first thing you're probably thinking is: "Atkins?!?!? Seriously??? For a running program?!?!?!"

My main reason for resorting to Atkins is that I know from experience that it can drop weight, fast. And frankly, with my super-clydesdale status I'm concerned about the wear and tear the extra weight has on my bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. I'm doing this for fitness, and injury runs counter to fitness.

Second, I think truly think there's something to the Atkins and Paleo diet philosophy; I think methods of food production have evolved so quickly that they have out-paced our metabolic and physical evolution by light years. My body was not designed to digest and handle all the enriched, modified and heavily processed foods that are out there right now. Even something as seemingly harmless as flour is waaaaaaay more technologically advanced than our systems are, and I suspect that our bodies don't quite know what to do with it yet.

Third, Atkins is extremely doable for me, discipline-wise. It's not that hard for me to turn down a sweet or some bakery when I'm full on chicken breast or steak or even bacon. Sure, the best thing would be to eat a more balanced diet incorporating lean proteins with little animal fat, whole grains, etc etc etc. But frankly, I don't have the discipline to do all that. Baby, that's just how it is.

So, for now, I'm doing the Atkins Induction thing, and will begin to introduce low glycemic index foods in time. Good carbohydrates.

On Other Fronts

I'm battling a wicked head cold right now that has taken me out of the game. But as soon as I'm healthy again I will begin running, lifting and cross-training, as outlined. The running numbers will be something I'll probably ease into, then use them (20k/week) as a starting point. I'll do 20k for a while until I feel ready and capable of adding on some more miles.

All in good time == less chance of injury. Right?

Here's to it.

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