Day 9: Cruising Along, 5lbs Down

If I said it was freakin' GORGEOUS outside again, would you hold it against me?

No? Good. Because it was freakin' GORGEOUS outside again. AGAIN!

I again slept the sleep of the dead last night. I don't know what it is—I haven't been missing a lot of sleep or anything, but I ended up getting an 11-hour binge in last night. It might be a result of some of the meds I'm taking for my walnut-sized medical issue—I know one of them has a side-effect of somnolence, which is a fancy way of saying "knocks your ass out". Whatever it is, I'm generally a 7-hour-a-night guy, so this is sorta weird. I mean hey, I like sleep, so I'll take it. But generally it's not easy for me to get a lot of it.

Anyway, due to my binge I started later than I wanted today, but I got my run in down at Crissy Field. Yes, as I said, another gorgeous day. I hope to soon start taking them for granted, like I did in San Diego. Taking a beautiful day for granted is one of my favorite luxuries. Well, having beautiful days to spare is one of my favorite luxuries. In Chicago you'd kill for some of the days you get in San Diego, but in San Diego you get those days 270 times a year. So it's no major sin to read a book on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, because you know next Saturday is going to be just as nice.

The good life. And San Francisco has been damn-near just as nice as San Diego as of late. Maybe just a bit cooler, which is just fine by me.

There was a wicked headwind heading towards Golden Gate Bridge, and while it was refreshing I felt incredibly slow. My split times were actually much faster than I expected—it felt like a 12-minute-mile run, but ended up averaging out to about 10:30 a mile. Slow, sure. And a little slow for me. But not as bad as it felt.

I don't know if it's the sleep binge or the food-fuel from yesterday or maybe the weightlifting, but I felt really heavy and tired out there. I felt solid, but I felt heavy. And I know I'm down 5 pounds so it's not actual weight that made me feel heavier.

If it was the weight training, then good. This is training after all. It's a challenge. It's not pattycake. It's supposed to be difficult and demanding and taxing and hard.

I have felt for a while that my biggest weakness was mental, and the biggest challenge that I am enjoying out of all of this is getting more mentally tough. It's supremely important, and it's not something that happens over night. You gotta pound away on it to become disciplined. And I would like to be a lot more disciplined on all fronts.

Good stuff, kids. Good stuff.

Total Weight: -5lbs

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