Day 3: Aww Yeah

Late post—just got back from the Great American Music Hall here in San Francisco. I met up with my buddy Dan for some din din, then watched his band OK Go play. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable show. I'm a pretty jaded concert-goer; on top of seeing shows regularly from age 17 to age 25, I also bartended in a couple rock clubs way back when. It suffices to say I have seen just about everything. Twice.

But this was a truly fun experience. Not your average rock show.

(Convenient—and entirely accidental—timing, I just posted an interview with Dan, the drummer of OK Go at Hella Sound. Peep it out if you're curious.

Anyway, Day 3. Slept like the dead last night, got up, did the hip stuff, did the food stuff, then hit the pool and did laps for about 45 minutes. Freestyle, breaststroke and a bunch of frog kicks with the kickboard. It's cross-training for the Hal Higdon plan, and the frog kick—the kick you do for the breaststroke—is very therapeutic and strength-developing for the hips. So all around a good workout day.

Last night and tonight were both social eating and drinking nights, but I've basically been tweaking my diet to account for the beer and the restaurant food while staying (roughly) in the 50% carbs/35% protein/15% fats macronutrient breakdown and the 2200 calorie range. 2200 is a lot of calories to play with, and I'm glad to have such room to move. I'd be royally screwed if I was down to 1800.

Anyway, tomorrow's running and strength (plus all the other stuff). It'll be good.

*yawn* Goodnight.

Total Weight: -4lbs

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