A Quicky Treadmill Trot, Some Weights

Hey. So. Yeah.

Truth time: I haven't run or gone to the gym since last Tuesday. I have no real excuse, no explanation. Schedule conflicts, wicked insomnia and a general sense of blah kept me from sticking to my plan. I started feeling crappier and crappier until I finally grew a pair and got my workout in.

Funny, but as soon as I was done, I felt absolutely amazing.

I've noticed that in general the best way to turn around a funk, get out of a rush and crush ennui is to get your ass up and do something. It applies to work, it applies to household tasks, it applies to fitness.

It wasn't much of a run, but it was a run. And it felt great. My new Asics Nimbus kicks are great, and all is well.

In Other News

God help me, I went out and got a pair of Crocs. Now, pardon me (sincerely) if you really like Crocs, but I myself have always thought they were pretty darn...ugly. Fugly, really. But they've done a great job marketing to runners, because I kept thinking "damn, maybe my feet would be happy if I wore these around the home office." Sure enough, they feel great. Ugly as sin, but they feel great. They're pretty cheap, too, in the grand scheme of things.


Bench Press: 3 sets of 5 reps @ 135lbs
Still Dips: 3 sets of 5 reps
Lat Pull-Downs: 3 sets of 5 reps @ heavy weight

I've adjusted the Calendar a bit to reflect my botching the last week's plans. This was my ease-in period, and I'm not sure if I should stick with the schedule and jump right in to 19 mile weeks. I shouldn't, but I might.

Also, I just may move my Wednesday lifting (upper-body) to both Tuesday and Thursday. It'll get me a few more reps, and it'll also free me from having to go to the gym 3 days a week. I can get my Wednesday run in wherever, instead of being tied to the gym.

Until Friday!

7 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Amy Guth said...

    Oy vey, the man has bought Crocs!

  2. Terrible, isn't it? But I love 'em! I even got a hideous color (burgundy, which on the site looks okay but in real life looks like baby puke).

    Oh well.

  3. Nitmos said...

    Ugh, Crocs? Those are sooo 2008. With my big nose and generally stupid appearance, I don't need to wear around circus shoes also. The clown ensemble would then be complete. But you enjoy yours.

  4. Nitmos?!? What the hell are you doing on my site? I thought *I* was stalking *you*?

    Yeah, Crocs...

    I'm ashamed at how much I like them. Sorta like my fondness for Bravo TV shows. Or Chicken McNuggets. I'm sure at some point it'll pass, like my fondness for American Chopper did.

  5. I'm all for the crocs. They are amazingly comfy.

    I went and took the approach of finding extremely bold (obnoxious?) colors, and wearing those.

    I make a statement. (Maybe not a good one, but a statement never the less)

  6. Raulgonemobile
    Is your avatar a...dalek? Niiiiice.

    I was sincerely tempted to get the fuschia or robin's egg blue ones. Push the envelope a bit. The burgundy really looked better online than real life. They look like what I'd imagine a side of beef would look like if you left it out in the rain for a week.

    But my are they comfy.

    What color(s) did you get?

  7. Yes, the avatar is indeed a Dalek.. :)

    I originally had the orange ones, but they were poorly made, and I had to take them back.. Which was just as well.

    I have 2 pairs. One is the lime green, the other is bright yellow. Kids in the grocery store and such really seem to like them. heh.