Ahh Yes, The All-Weather Track

Went over to Kezar today for my run.

What does my run at Kezar have to do with a Tusken Raider (pictured at the left)? Does it represent my obstinate tenacity with which I hit the track? Symbolize my unrelenting rage against being stationary? Did I hide behind a rock and shoot at jogging jawas?

The answer, in a word, is "no". I just think they're cool. (Thanks, Wikipedia, for the pic.)

So, I scheduled myself for 3 miles. I only ran 2. Wah wah. Honestly—and maybe I'm just rationalizing—I think it's okay that I only did 2 miles. I mucked up my ramp-up week, and it'd probably be a bad idea to bounce right into doing 19+ miles a week.

I pretty much quit. But really, I think the treadmill has gotten me into the mindset of "faster faster faster", which (if I was to further speculate) is probably due to the relative boredom of a treadmill, and the fact that I feel like I have an audience on the treadmill at the gym. All those people around... Just makes me want to run faster.

Oddly, my legs felt great, but my cardio sucked. I gassed out pretty quick. Could be going too fast. Could be the extra weight I've hefted on. Regardless, that'll be resolved soon enough.

In Other News

On the purely personal, non-fitness front, @LosBee and I have adopted a new furry son. We've named him Jeff. He's pretty awesome.

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. CoyoteGirl said...

    awww cute kitty cat!

  2. coyotegirl
    Thanks! We're so excited to have him. I can't wait to get him fully integrated with his new siblings.

  3. lizwebpage said...

    Jeffffffffff! What a cutie pie! Purrrr! :)