Too Much Information (In an Otherwise Boring Run)

@LosBee and I were going to run and do circuit training together, but plans sorta fell apart and I ended up going solo much later than planned. [Heh heh heh... sorry @LosBee... ;)]

Scheduled for a 3 mile run and circuit training, I decided to just do the run and skip the gym.


The run went okay—little trot around the neighborhood and into the Presidio—but about a half a mile from the end the growing urge to, um, spring a leak—an urge which had been nagging me for most of the run—hit a fever pitch. Too bad San Francisco doesn't have alleys. And I'm far too courteous to just whip it out and do my business in the street (like some of crackheads that take residence in this fine city). So I felt it judicious and prudent to take things down to a walk and head straight home.

Now aren't you glad I told you all this?

On a side note, I'm digging the Olympics this year. I think a lot of people are charged up about it—maybe more so than recent years. China is definitely putting on a show (I'm kicking myself for having missed the opening ceremony, which apparently was amazing). But every shot showing the sky is absolutely disgusting. It looks like SF-style fog, but they're telling us it's actually smog. If so, that's just terrifying. Seriously.

Blech. Nasty.

Tomorrow's the long run—I think I'm slated for 7 miles. I think I'm going to sneak in an extra mile so I can join in the fun at's blog. It's a great idea and sounds like good fun.

Finally, rest in peace, Bernie Mac. It's sad that someone has died so young (50) of pneumonia in this day and age. I guess he had sarcoidosis, which basically destroys your lungs, so that must have been a a complication. Sad.

Photo courtesy of markhillary on flickr.

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