SF Marathon 5k Post-Mortem

Our friends MapleJen and Arby arrived from San Diego on Saturday, we carbed up for dinner (probably unnecessary for all but @LosBee), and hit the hay early.

Sunday morning I shuttled @LosBee to the start of the 1st Half, then came back, gathered up everyone else and got to the 5k starting point. We met up with Rick, an SF buddy, and got ready to roll.

I was as cold as a monkey out there. Overcast and cold. I prefer running in the cold, but man there were some shivering people at the start line—especially when wind gusts blew in.

I started off relatively fast (for me); I wanted to get out of the clump of people early on and get some room to move, as well as avoid getting a flat tire by someone stepping on my heel, and thus making my foot come out of my shoe. I hate the flat tire.

The Results:

Strollers That Passed Me: 3*
Place Overall: 550 out of 1088
Men: 258 out of 405
Age Grade: 37.85% Place: 548
Finish: 34:06
Pace: 10:59

* One of the strollers was a double stroller—meaning it had twins in it. So while 3 strollers passed me, it was really 4 children.

I actually tried running at what I figured was my race pace, which is faster than the usual 11:00+ I run at, but I gassed out at around the 2 mile mark. This I hope to improve on in time.

We gathered up the troops after the run and tried to make it to the 1st Half finish to cheer on @LosBee, but she was done by the time we got rolling. She toughed out the Half, and I'm incredibly, ridiculously proud of her.

@LosBee didn't get all that much more training in than I did, but this race in particular was something she (for various reasons) *had to* do; I didn't feel the same motivation, and didn't have nearly the same focus or mental toughness she had. On the way over to meet up with her at the finish, I enjoyed the feeling of awe and respect over what she's achieved, as well as the feeling that she accomplished something that I wouldn't have been able to do. Truly.

Today's a rest day, so in addition to working in the studio on Hella Sound music and working on the site, I'll probably just do some basic movements and stretches (per the training plan).

Have a great week, y'all. Enjoy yourselves.

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