I Think I'd Benefit from a Running Club

After a couple days off this week from the plan—as well as missing my last 2 long runs—I'm gearing up for tomorrow's long run/Nike+ Human Race.

Today's run went great. At first.
As you can plainly see on the right, I was cruising along under and around a 10 minute mile pace for a while there, which is pretty damn good for me.

But somewhere around 2 and a half miles I just quit. My proclivity for what Vanilla at Half-Fast calls "The Quitter" expresses itself once more. I just quit.

The Rundown

♠ The scenery was great; I ran along Mission Bay in San Diego just at sunset, which has a nice lighted, paved path along the water.
♠ I love San Diego, so the warmth and wetness of the evening air was pretty fantastic. It was a wee bit warm, which I don't do well with. But not that warm.
♠ The legs felt great.
♠ The lungs felt great.
♠ The heart felt great.
♠ I did have to run through quite a bit of dizziness early on (which I seem to get quite a bit when my sleep cycle is jacked up—which is very much is right now).
♠ I wasn't running to Hella Sound stuff; having recorded pretty intensely this week, I wanted to step away from what I was working on to get a little objectivity and a little perspective—something I generally do with creative projects. As a result, the iPod was on shuffle, which does have a potentially negative effect.

But shit, I should be able to knock out 3 miles with my eyes closed.

To this I say WTF.

I'm thinking I might benefit from joining a running club. Lord knows there's plenty of them in San Francisco. I have about a month before the San Jose Rock & Roll Half-Marathon, so if the group runs fit well with my training schedule, it's on like Donkey Kong. After the R&R, I'll adjust my plan to accommodate group runs regularly.

Long post, I know. Was it good for you?

3 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Must be the absence of the awesome hellasound music that messed you up!

    Have a great time in San Diego; it's a beautiful place.

  2. AKA Alice said...

    It may not be hot, but it's waaaaay humid down here right now. The humidity zaps me more than the heat ever does.

    I joined a running club to train for the RnR Marathon down here...best thing I ever did. I highly recommend it.

  3. @crabby mcslacker
    It was nice to be back in SD. The air...it just smells so good. You know you're in SD the second you step off the plane.

    @aka alice
    I think you're right about the humidity. At first I wasn't feeling it, since we had a 100% humidity streak in SF, but after a while I noticed I was nearly continuously sweaty in SD. Killed me on the run. Well, it was a contributing factor to my FAIL.
    I'm stoked about running clubs. Lots to choose from here. More on that later!