Rest, Insomnia and Catching Up

Today was a rest day from weights as well as running.Tomorrow is a hills day, about which I have some apprehension. On the one hand, I really don't want to jack up my achilles, which have (in the past) been sensitive to too much hill action. On the other, although I see some local nutjobs coming full-steam down the hills in our neighborhood, I don't even like walking down them because the added stress on the knees.

But oh well, I'll stop whining like a little girl now.

In the meantime, we posted an interview with someone that never whines like a little girl, Ivan Salaverry over at the Hella Sound blog. Ivan has always been one of my favorite MMA fighters, so to be able to chat with him was just a great experience.

On a blogging note, I'm stoked to see Non-Runner Nancy's write-up on the 08-08-08 Virtual Olympics Race. Hopefully she'll have the goods up soon.

Until tomorrow.

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  2. @shelby

    right on--I didn't know about this. I'll check it out.