Well Hello There!

I'm sorry to have left y'all in a lurch!

Since my last post I've been gravitating towards the fantastic dailymile.com site. It's a really well-put-together site that tracks workouts and lets you cheer on others (and receive motivation, too). Y'all probably know all this, since many of you are already on there.

(Note: dailymile.com plug is in no way sponsored—it's just an awesome site. Word.)

I guess I neglected to give the lowdown on my San Jose Rock N Roll Half experience. I was sick leading up to it, which sucked, and my sinuses were busy draining themselves all through the race, but it went okay. I finished it, and I ran the whole thing (except 2 water stations), which was my goal. I guess I was pretty disappointed with my time, but not defeated by the experience (like I was last year).

Anyhoo, I'm digging dailymile.com, so I'm going to keep on truckin' with it. If you're on there, connect with me! And if you're not, join up!

More good things comin'!

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  1. Adam said...

    Hey! Glad to hear that things are going well.

    I need to check out dailymile. I've been hearing more and more people say that it is really cool.

    It really seems like there are a lot of bugs going around right now. Tis the season I suppose!!