4 on the 4th

Went down to Crissy Field today and put in 4 miles in my Asics Nimbus with the Superfeet insoles. I didn't really intend to run 4 miles in under 40 minutes, it just kinda happened. I felt really good, and I think I'm ready to move from 165bpm to 170bpm. I feel better running at a faster cadence, even though my goal isn't to clock faster splits. It just feels better.

I've mostly been reading audio books (production stuff—mixing and mastering), but I should get back to reading the Chirunning book. I'm curious to know what their thoughts on cadence are, as I know it's an element of their running philosophy.

I'm not gonna lie: 4 miles did feel a little tough. I am a little worried about the Los Gatos 10k coming up. But my plan is to churn out runs every other day, work on my overall base and not worry about the distance so much. If the 6.whatever miles of the 10k race is my longest run in a while, fine, as long as I can get from here to there injury-free and feeling good.

I have been weather-prepping as much as possible for the warmer races. Today it was sunny and warm for San Francisco, which means it was breezy and maybe 68° or so at Crissy Field. I wore a long sleeve dark teeshirt with my heaviest black tee over it. There were times when there was no wind and it did get a little warm, which is good. I'm trying to get used to that for the San Jose RnR. Fingers crossed.

Totally Unrelated

In the last few weeks:
Michael Jackson died
Farah Fawcett died
Ed McMahan died
(pitch man) Billy Mays died
and today Steve McNair apparently was shot to death.

What the hell is going on? It's a really bad time to be a celebrity. Crazy.

5 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Anonymous said...

    Funny blog, like the subtitle and clever bits like comments being Brilliant Remarks.

    Congrats on your run today!

    I've been reading ChiRunning off and on. (I have attn span of gnat, otherwise I'm sure I'd be done by now.) If I remember correctly he said that cadence is always the same but stride length is what changes. This seems confusing to me. Maybe I don't really know what cadence is.

    What do you think of ChiRunning? So far I'm liking it and the few ideas that I've tried seem to be helpful. But then again, I only run about 2 miles at a time.

  2. DuffRunner said...

    John-i LOVE chrissy field. So funny to me to be thinking about wearing a long sleeve jersey over another shirt on july 4th, but with fog and wind of the bay, you need it. I miss the view of the bridge and sound of the horns.

    Great job on your run. I'm going to check on the audio download of chi running. I attempted to read it one time but felt it was hooey and complicated but maybe I'll give it another try

  3. Liz said...

    Sadly, where I am, you might have needed the long sleeves just to stay comfortably warm! Stupid New England weather. haha.

    Good luck with the 10K training!

  4. RoadBunner said...

    I have "Chi Running." Need to give it another shot. Started reading it once before but couldn't get pass the Chi chapters so never got to the ones about running.

    I am personally hoping for VERY cool temps so I can PR at San Jose. I am a warm weather weenie, too.

  5. Anonymous said...

    10K=6.2 never forget the 0.2!!!! haha nice job on getting out there on the 4th! I ran SJ RnR last year and it was quite warm..direct sunlight for 13.1 warms ya up in a jiffy! nice things after the race they give you a wash cloth that has been soaked in ice cold water...heaven...