Running Music Road Test - Song #3


Where are you Nike+???

You're gonna have to take my word for it that I ran 5k today, because Nike+ just ain't workin' today. Maybe they're rolling out some fancy new feature, but between me and you, I suspect they got hacked or something. Some catastrophic data failure maybe. Or something. It just seems odd for them to be down all day long. Maybe they put up some sort of "scheduled downtime" notification, but I didn't see it.

Anyhoo, where was I.

I broke my short sabbatical and went for a run down at Crissy Field. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous day. It was *almost* warm out it was so nice. It's almost never warm in San Francisco.

To make the beautiful day even sweeter, I got to run in my brand-spanking-new Asics Kayano 15s. Check that shoe out. That's a damn handsome shoe. And the colors are almost the same palette as the Hella Sound color palette. Shazzam, I say.

I ordered them on Zappos and, in true Zappos style, they were delivered in a mind-bendingly short amount of time. Seriously. I didn't even have a chance to put my wallet away and the UPS guy was at the door with my shoes.

Again: shazzam.

They feel really nice. I've been running in Asics Nimbus and I really liked them, but Halima recommended I try the Kayanos during my gait analysis session. Halima was right on the money. The Kayanos feel more structured than the Nimbus (what's plural for "Nimbus"? "Nimbi"?) shoes, but not in a painful or stiff way. As a matter of fact, I felt like they really promoted what seemed like a healthy, natural pronation. I felt like each step flowed correctly through my foot and out my big toe (as I'm told your step is supposed to go).

Good stuff. I really like them. I suspect they put a little bit of magic in every Kayano. This is just a guess.

Speaking of guesses (and smearing a fine product/service with no basis in fact), look what's back up!
Looks like Nike+ is back up! Good times, good times.

So there's your digital proof that I went out and huffed it for 5k.

Oh, yeah, and the Road Test; this was another run with the in-progress version of what will be our 3rd song release. It's a metal/thrash song with a bunch of fun stuff in it. Here's what I have to say about it: it totally kicked my ass. I really dug running to it, and once I have a couple little things ironed out in the arrangement I'll be ready for beta testers to take the song out on the road. Again, good stuff.

Total Weight: -18lbs

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  1. glad the nike+ site is back up, i'm looking forward to logging some miles there again! Stupid injury. Glad the shoes are working for ya, i'll need to go check out the music :)