No Sleep, 5 Miles, Beautiful Morning

Someone needs to tell the surfers in San Francisco *why* they call the Pacific Ocean in this area the Red Triangle. There were a bunch of guys out in their wetsuits purposely playing in the same water that great white sharks are made.

To me, this is not a great plan.

What is a great plan, however, is heading out early and taking a 5 mile trot along the Pacific. My normal route is being used for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon this morning, so I switched it up and ran along Ocean Beach. (Thus the suicidal surfer reference.)

It's a nice little route. There's a "multi-purpose path" along the road opposite the ocean that's asphalt and packed sand, which is easier on the meat than concrete. There's nice little rolling hills and very few intersections to get stuck at. I'll have to run this route again.

No, I didn't sleep last night.

And really, it's not that I have insomnia; it's just my body clock has somehow adjusted itself to Japan time. I have a bad habit of staying up a little bit later every night, working on code or plans or whatnot, and before you know it it's really, really late. So late it's early.

Today I figured to pull a carpe diem: I'm gonna try to stay up all day, go about my business and make it all the way through the day so I can so I can reset my clock and fall asleep at a normal time tonight. Wish me luck on that.

Photo courtesy oskay on Flickr.

2 Brilliant Remarks:

  1. Adam said...

    Wow, I remember staying up to code. I’m glad those days are over. If I had to deal with another .dll error I think that I would have done something I’d regret later!

  2. LOL yeah, like switch to Unix/Java development! hahaha