La Jolla 5k Post-Mortem


I was shooting for 30:00.

Ultimately, I underestimated the HUGE descent at the beginning. I'm very careful about putting excess pounding on my joints, so I don't even train downhills. As you'd imagine, the 6-9% grade whomped a hurting on me. I knew there was some hills, but I underestimated the severity of the initial decline and what it would do to me.
Basically, I saw the elevation color coding and flagged the red part as "this'll be tough" but essentially looked past the green. Green's a friendly color, right? Green says "go!". Green, generally, doesn't say "I will mash your quads into hamburger and make your lower-legs malfunction."


All-in-all, while it was great to go down to San Diego, this race was not a good one for me.

I am still determined to break 30:00, so I'm going to find and register for the closest flat-course 5k I can find. The sooner the better. I want to redeem myself.


(Oh, quick side-note: @MapleJen handled the hill better than me and beat me in the race. Kudos! Also: @RussellNuts absolutely blew through the half-marathon course, clocking in somewhere under 1:32:00. Truly impressive stuff. Again, kudos!)

Elevation image courtesy the fantastic

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I'd rather run up a huge ass hill than down one any day!!!! it's so rough on the knees! nice job on the race and you'll get 30:00 soon! lots of 5k's around the bay :)

  2. Thanks lady. I'm eyeballing this race--maybe some of you ROHO girls would up for showing up and kicking some butt? The price is about as right as prices get ($5)

  3. I'm with Tara, running up is much better! ; )

    Good luck with your next race, leave a lung on the pavement and go for it!!

  4. Denise said...

    Just found your blog...I like your sense of humor!

  5. Thanks Denise!