Day 24: Notice a Bit of a Gap? *sigh*

Oy kids. I slacked. I got off-track. Sucks.

I am an asshat.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. — Ike Newton

I have no real excuse. I had a nice "long" 5m run on Sunday the 5th, and then basically the "unbalanced force" of—for lack of a better word—laziness led me to slacking.

Today I got back into the swing. I haven't eaten right, but I did hop on the bike today and go for about a 40 minute ride. It was actually really pretty tough, and it felt great.

I basically just headed down to Crissy Field for an out-and-back. There was a pretty good headwind coming in from the ocean through the Golden Gate Bridge span, and riding into a headwind is tougher than running into it. Seriously. I got a pretty hearty pump going in my legs, and I was sucking a bit of wind. On the other hand, I liked being able to huff-and-puff on the bike versus getting winded in the pool. You can breathe all you want on a bike.

I think the bike will become my usual cross-training activity on nice days (and it was pretty darn gorgeous™ out) and hit the pool when it's crappy. It was fun, and I avoided going over the handlebars and breaking my clavicle. So there's that.

Tomorrow I run and lift. I may skip the lift and focus on the run. I'm actually pretty excited about he La Jolla 5k I have coming up, and I'd like to break 30 minutes. I figure if I get some good fartlek runs in between now and then I just might be able to bust it out.

Yipper skipper.

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