Day 5: Powersleeper™

For whatever reason, I slept like 11 hours last night. That's really unusually for me, so I guess I needed it.

I woke up late (a luxury of working for yourself) and went about my usual shizzy: eating, swimming, etc. I actually mixed it up quite and re-figured my food intake for the day so I could eat a delicious burger at Chez Maman. Sooo good.

Tomorrow's a day off, which honestly will be nice. Today I felt pretty worked-over. Like the week of running and swimming and lifting and doing hip exercises and ab exercises and waking up early has worn me out a little. It's good.

I'm gonna turn in relatively early tonight and enjoy my day off tomorrow. I reckon me and @LosBee are heading to wine country! Gotta like that.

(Oh and it was gorgeous out AGAIN and looks to be nice tomorrow, too. Awesome.)

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