Back on the Horse. A Little.

The intent was to run 3 miles and then lift weights. I ran a little less than 2 and skipped the gym.

I'm recovering from a bit of a nagging cold, but I am mostly feeling my own vincibility (which is to say I'm *not* invincible). The gait analysis has made me want to be cautious and tend to my hips first and foremost, and really this is not a bad thing.

As explained before, I've always based my training predominantly around races, and have frequently jumped into a training program without building up a really solid base. As a result I tend to get little tweaks and pains (and sometimes bigger tweaks and pains) that become an issue.

So, I'm being a wuss. But I'm also looking at this as an opportunity to *slowly* develop my base, for a change. If, for the next month or 2, I only run 2 mile sets, so be it. I'm looking for health and fitness here, not to prove some big monolithic thing to myself.

Rationalization is divine, isn't it? ;)

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