A Different Kind of Workout

Admittedly, I did not run or lift weights this weekend. I didn't do what would normally be called a workout.

I did, however, have the fine fortune of hitting the slopes in Park City, Utah for some skiing. I realize that vacation travel is a sweet luxury, and I'm very thankful to have been able to take this trip. I'd never been to Park City before (actually, @LosBee contends that we did drive through it when we moved from Chicago to San Diego, but I don't recall specifically) and was excited to check it out.

It really is a beautiful part of the country. We initially wanted to spend this vacation time skiing in Tahoe, but the weather has been so warm that the runs in Tahoe were very limited and (we heard) crappy. With the help of an online deal and some banked United miles, we were able to get out there and stay in a hotel for less than Tahoe would have cost.

Growing up a Midwesterner of modest means, I never really had the opportunity to go skiing. Three years ago, at age 33, I was lucky enough to attend a wedding in Aspen with @LosBee. I took the beginner skiing course at Snowmass and was hooked.

I'm finally starting to catch up with @LosBee—she's a pretty darn good skier—and am not slowing her down as much as I used to. We actually got somewhat competitive this trip as we barreled down the slopes. We were flying.

It was great.

Well, until we both had some hellacious spills and decided to tone it down and call a truce.

Anyhoo, you can really get a nice workout cruising down a mountain, carving turns, poling up some speed on flat parts, etc. And thankfully, the only injury I got (my *first* skiing injury) was when the buckle on my rental boot snapped as I tightened it, flying up in my face and hitting me on the chin. It made a nice welt and drew a little blood, but didn't leave enough of a gouge to make me look tough.

Such is life.

So, while I didn't run 12 miles over the weekend or do any drills or lifting, I do feel like I got some resistance training and cardio work in. And I had an awesome time doing it.

Beautiful photos courtesy of michael_schamis on Flickr.

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